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Fergus Paterson (formerly of Pinehurst Forge) is making high quality loop knives for Dusky Forge at Oatlands, in Tasmania.

Fergus has been a working farrier for over 30 years and has had 10 years in the meat industry, where he worked with knives on a daily basis and appreciated the shape of a good blade and the benefit of a sharp and easy to use knife.

For many years his loop knives have been appreciated by farriers and veterinarians from all over the world.

The wood handles are hand crafted in to a comfortable ergonomic shape for strong wrap around grip. All blades are continually changing slightly, as we strive to produce a better working knife.

The blades are now fully welded at the base of the blade, making them stronger and more hygienic. A combination of shape, sharpness and fit - eases a lot of strain and stress.



Every knife is handcrafted by hand by Fergus so you are guaranteed that very special, one of a kind feel that the Dusky Knife delivers.

Fergus makes a loop knife for every farrier with different size blades and an angled stem.

The Dusky Vet Searcher that is perfect for abscess removal, making the smallest possible hole for fast healing and great for hoof or wall resections.

If you have not experienced the best handcrafted loop knives in the farrier industry, order a Dusky Forge Loopknife today - start experiencing the magic!

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